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The Basics: Composts and Eric

Last night I read something online:

1- Tolerance is de rigueur in San Francisco: It is a city where you can be who and how you want.

2-The only exception might be composteurs vs. non-composteurs.

This is so true!

I landed in my new SF home less than 2 months ago; landed there after an intense whirlwind of pandemic, family, relational and professional changes.

It is a verifiable fact that my first few days as a San Franciscan were filled with anxiety on the composting. I had no bandwidth left for anything else new. Learning about the little green composting box with mysterious rules (what?????? I will be fined if I screw up?) represented a cognitive load I could not carry.

Back to present time or mid-August 2021: I would not win composting competitions but I would pass an entry test and have not been fined yet for some former midwesterner's faux pas. I'm not exaggerating: my little cousin, a native, is living with me for the summer and his mind seamlessly classifies trash into recyclable, compostable or neither.

This will be a brief blog post as I am writing during my lunch break (day 3 of my new job at UCSF): I'm just saying hi.

The bit about tolerance is true. It's really refreshing. The thing about composting is true too and it's mostly a good thing. Related to that: I walk or take the bus everywhere; also a very good thing.

Another really really good thing: I have a new friend called Eric.

We met on an app (another blog entry) and have many little and big things in common. I started my life with an Eric as a friend and have continued always: it's a compass, a sign that the universe remembers me, an omen that I belong.

Recap: Being who I am and how I want to be including learning composting and finding a friend called Eric.

Till next time!

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